Emil Milan: Midcentury Master

Created by Emil Milan Research Project

This book is no longer sold on this website. Purchase at emilmilan.org/products.

Latest Updates from Our Project:

WE'RE FUNDED—We couldn't have done it without you
almost 4 years ago – Fri, Oct 20, 2017 at 12:31:33 PM

Thank you to all that pledged toward the Emil Milan book on Kickstarter. Your show of support helped us get funded in less than 48 hours.

But we've only just begun. While the funding guarantees that those of you who purchased the book will get your copies, we want to spread Milan's story to a larger audience. Please share the Kickstarter with all of your friends: http://kck.st/2xL86la

You can also share on social media by using the links below:

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You can be the catalyst that helps Milan's story inspire further generations of artists, curators, collectors, and enthusiasts. Every dollar we raise is critical to ensure the book is distributed to the largest audience possible.

There are only about 90 of the limited edition books left so be sure to share with your friends who might love to own one.


Now that you know how exciting it is to help a project get funded check out this project we supported from the Chicago Design Museum. http://kck.st/2xaHVZ0

What's worth preserving? A book with 50 handwritten letters responding to the question: "What's worth preserving?" We think Emil Milan would like the response from Dave Eggers, the founder of McSweeny's: "It's worth preserving the knowledge that good design comes from good designers. (Not robots)." Act fast, it ends at 5:00PM CDT.

Thanks again for all your support,
The Emil Milan Research Team

Hand stamping of limited edition
almost 4 years ago – Wed, Oct 18, 2017 at 04:07:48 PM

Thanks to everyone for the early support of the Milan book. We are so encouraged by the response so far.

We have been receiving rave reviews about the book and excitement is building—especially over the limited edition. We will only make 200 of these and less than 100 are left.

One special aspect of the limited edition is that the signature plate will be hand-stamped from a hand-carved linocut, using archival ink. The linocut is a carefully reproduced signature from the bottom of an authentic Emilan wood bird sculpture. This is the closest you will get to an actual signature from the artist.

Hand making of Milan signature stamp

Act fast to get one of the remaining limited editions and be the one who helps us get over our funding goal.

Many thanks,
The Emil Milan Research Team